Our History

As a leading manufacturer of fresh fried food prep equipment, AyrKing offers durable, efficient products that allow operators to more quickly and more consistently prep the fried foods customers love. Our team has been engineering foodservice equipment solutions in Louisville, Kentucky, since 1972 — products built to deliver unmatched reliability and a perfectly prepared menu item every time.

Today, our products are in use in tens of thousands of locations around the world, serving a number of large, international QSR chains.

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Donald E. “Don” King, a mechanical engineer, develops a full line of range hoods, including water mist and wash features for high-grease applications.


AyrKing is officially founded as a foodservice equipment manufacturer.

AyrKing’s low-profile hood with an integral hot holding cabinet provides space-saving, ops-efficient design for a national seafood QSR chain.

AyrKing’s product line expands with the introduction of the Lockaire Drive Thru Window. Lockaire helps QSRs and C-stores better control their air management and provide exceptional customer service. Two years later, bullet protection is added to Lockaire service window options to ensure employee safety.


AyrKing’s Breader/Blender/Sifter (BBS) is introduced, a major turning point in the history of the company. This innovative product is designed to improve breading quality and reduce costs, proving to be a game-changing addition to AyrKing’s lineup through the coming decades.

AyrKing supplies all sifters for a national QSR fried chicken program rollout. Within a year, the company grows its BBS offering by introducing compact, non-motorized and motorized sifters for lower-volume applications.


AyrKing redefines sifter workstation layout flexibility with the introduction of a leg-mounted BBS.

The DrumRoll Automatic Breader is developed for high-volume, fresh breading restaurant production.

The product line expands again to include both tumble and vacuum marinators, giving AyrKing a full range of food prep products.

As the craft beverage category grows, AyrKing designs a Syrup Stirrer for in-house mixing of syrup-based carbonated beverages.

AyrKing develops the highly flexible BBS machine with a reduced footprint that offers optional components like ice bath wells, breading funnels and landing shelf clips.

The mini DrumRoll/BBS station is introduced, providing a small, automated food prep platform.

AyrKing continues to thrive as an industry leader in foodservice equipment manufacturing.

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