AyrKing expands line of food prep equipment with Mixstir

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – May 18, 2020 – The food prep specialists from AyrKing have announced the launch of Mixstir, a purposefully designed mixer for batters, seasoned oils and other menu items that require frequent, slow stirring.

With Mixstir, operators can significantly reduce the amount of labor required to keep products properly stirred, while also improving the consistency of the mixture.

“Mixstir fills a void in the industry by providing a more durable and reliable mixing option for batters, oils and sauces,” said Jim Bell, CFSP, president of AyrKing. “We understand the challenges of preparing these menu items and have applied our industry knowledge and insight from our chain customers to develop this unique equipment solution.”

Unlike conventional blenders, which tend to clog and break in certain applications, Mixstir features a robust, stainless-steel vessel. Additionally, the blade design has no sharp edges which allows it to better mix the product. With a slower speed of rotation compared to standard blenders, there is no unwanted aeration added, which impacts the flavor profile and quality of batters, sauces and oils.

For more information on the NRA Kitchen Innovation Award-winning Mixstir, visit https://www.ayrking.com/food-prep-equipment/food-blenders-mixers/mixstir/.

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