AyrKing Introduces the WC2328LT Food Prep Landing Cart

LOUISVILLE, KY – August 10, 2023 – AyrKing, the leader in innovative foodservice prep solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest product, the WC2328LT Food Prep Landing Cart. As a valuable addition to AyrKing’s food prep cart lineup, this new cart brings adaptability, durability and practicality to quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) and commercial kitchens.

The WC2328LT Food Prep Landing Cart stands out in its ability to seamlessly integrate into dynamic foodservice environments. Engineered with a thoughtful eye on functionality, this cart helps facilitate the efficient handling of hot fried foods and streamline food preparation tasks.

A defining feature of the WC2328LT is its exceptional adaptability. This cart effortlessly transforms to meet the diverse needs of modern foodservice operations. Its wide shelf lips are designed to accommodate racks, ice baths, donut trays and hospitality pans. The sloped top ensures spill-free food landings, contributing to operational cleanliness and efficiency.

Standing at an ergonomic height of 36 inches, the WC2328LT aligns perfectly with standard countertops and fryers, ensuring a seamless workflow. Its base design allows for easy transition from the sloped top, which serves as the perfect spot for hot food landings, to a flat surface that transforms the cart into a versatile prep table. This feature is especially advantageous for kitchens where space optimization is paramount.

Equipped with smooth-rolling casters for effortless mobility and constructed with an emphasis on sturdiness and longevity, the WC2328LT’s design is rooted in customer insights, making it a solution truly tailored to operational needs. Incorporating valuable customer feedback, the cart’s height was refined to seamlessly integrate with workflow requirements, and its funnel size was optimized to enhance user experience and overall efficiency.

“The WC2328LT is a testament to AyrKing’s commitment to providing practical and efficient solutions for the foodservice industry,” said Jim Bell, AyrKing president. “By combining adaptability, durability and user-centered design, we are excited to introduce a product that truly meets the evolving demands of modern foodservice operations.”

When paired with AyrKing’s existing food prep cart line, the WC2328LT opens up a world of configuration possibilities, catering to the unique needs of each operator.

For more information about the WC2328LT Food Prep Landing Cart, visit https://parts.ayrking.com/food-prep-landing-cart-wc2328lt.

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