AyrKing Warranty Program

AyrKing Warranty Program


This warranty is in effect for AyrKing equipment used within North America. See the International Claims section for warranty claims outside of North America. AyrKing warrants that the AyrKing equipment shall be free from original defects in workmanship and material, provided the equipment has been properly stored, installed, serviced, maintained, and operated. AyrKing extends this warranty to the original purchaser only. This warranty specifically covers the mechanical and electrical components for our equipment.


The end user must register ownership of their equipment with AyrKing by returning the warranty card supplied with the machine or registering their equipment on the AyrKing website at https://www.ayrking.com/product-registration/


  • AyrKing will reimburse up to 1 Hour of labor charges. Contact AyrKing tech support for approval if any repair will take over 1 hour to complete. 502-266-6270 Tech Support
  • AyrKing reserves the right to deny all labor (time) charges considered excessive for any repair.
  • AyrKing will not reimburse the cost of warranty parts bought from other vendors or parts suppliers.

This warranty provides non-prorated replacement of defective components and labor coverage. This warranty begins on the date of first use or 60 days (about 2 months) from the date of shipment from AyrKing’s warehouses, whichever occurs first unless proof of installation can be provided. The parts warranty is in effect for 12 months. The labor warranty is in effect for 90 days (about 3 months).

The manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty shall be the replacement or repair of defective parts within the warranty period. Excessive labor (more than 1/2 hour) required to access AyrKing equipment built into cabinets, tables, or structures by others, is NOT covered under this labor warranty. Only labor performed during regular working hours qualifies under this warranty. AyrKing will not reimburse overtime premiums. AyrKing is not responsible for any damages due to removal, or any expenses incurred for installation of replacement component including but not limited to travel time, fuel charges, etc.

If, upon inspection, it is determined that this AyrKing equipment has not been properly installed, used appropriately, modified, or maintained, the warranty will be void. If the equipment has been subjected to misuse or misapplication, neglect, abuse, accident, damage during transit or delivery, fire, flood, riot or acts of God, then this warranty shall also be void. When any situation occurs which voids the warranty then AyrKing shall not be liable for any damage to any person or any property which may result from the use of the equipment thereafter. The warranty is limited to AyrKing manufactured equipment only and does not apply to other equipment which may be connected to or installed within.


Notify AyrKing of any performance failure (1-502-266-6270). Specify model and serial number of the equipment when contacting AyrKing. AyrKing personnel will help in evaluating the cause of failure, ship any necessary replacement components, and authorize a service agency call if applicable. Replacement components will be supplied and shipped at no cost (via least expensive route) to the end user if they return the defective part within two weeks (if required by AyrKing). AyrKing reserves the right to test and evaluate the failed part to determine whether the failure is covered by this warranty. If AyrKing does not receive defective components within two weeks of replacement part shipment (if required by AyrKing) or if the failure is determined not to be covered under this warranty, AyrKing will invoice the end user for the replacement part, shipping costs, and labor charges if applicable.

International Claims

Please contact your kitchen equipment supplier to process warranty claims. AyrKing will reimburse the supplier for warranty repairs. The parts warranty is in effect for 12 months. The labor warranty is in effect for 90 days.

Missing or damaged Items:

Claims of items missing from a shipment or damaged in transit must be reported within five (5) business days of receipt of the merchandise. Anytime you receive items, please take some time to carefully inspect the equipment. Each shipment will include a packing label on the box. Please verify the receipt of all items listed on the packing label.

Order Cancellation

  • Unshipped Order: If the order is still open in AyrKing’s system, please contact AyrKing’s customer relations team at [email protected] to cancel the order. The customer may not be charged any shipping or restocking fees if the order has not been prepared or shipped.
  • Shipped Order: If the customer order has already shipped, the customer may refuse the shipment when it arrives, or the customer can accept the order and start a return authorization through AyrKing’s returns process. When a shipment is refused, it will come back to AyrKing’s warehouse, and the customer will be charged a restocking fee and any shipping fees associated with the return.
  • Received Order: If the customer has already received their purchased item(s), the customer must contact AyrKing’s customer relations team at [email protected] to start a return. The customer will be provided with a return authorization number and instructions on how to ship their items back.

Standard Returns and Restocking Fees

Unused, regularly stocked items may be returned by contacting AyrKing’s customer relations team within 90 days (about 3 months) of the invoice date. A representative will create a return authorization and provide further instructions for completing the return process. Each return is subject to a 20 percent restocking fee which will be deducted from the refund amount. The customer will also be responsible for securing a shipping agent to return the merchandise, plus all shipping fees incurred.


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