A&W Case Study - QSR Labor Savings


Nearly one hundred years after its creation, A&W Root Beer is the number one selling root beer in the world. The signature Root Beer remains an integral part of the A&W brand, and A&W restaurant locations around the world continue to make the beverage fresh daily.

The huge success of the beverage has contributed to the restaurant chain’s longevity, and customers continue to expect a high level of quality and consistency of the product.


A&W restaurants needed a cost-effective method to achieve a consistent, high quality product that could be implemented across all operations.

Previously, there were two methods restaurants used to produce A&W’s signature Root Beer:

  1. By hand – a time-consuming process only select individuals were
    trained to do
  2. By Bag-in-the-Box – a method costing operations thousands
    per year

Working with AyrKing

“Any tweaks that needed to be done during the testing process were facilitated very quickly. The AyrKing team responds quickly if there is an issue with the equipment, and we always get a resolution.”


Automatic Food and Beverage Stirrer

AyrKing came alongside A&W to develop the AyrKing Beverage Syrup Stirrer.

This tailored solution automates the mixing process, saving operators hours of hand-mixing each day while yielding a more consistent product. Because the machine is easy to operate, all team members are now able to make fresh Root Beer.

The switch has enabled A&W to eliminate the need for Bag-in-the-Box products, saving operators thousands of dollars every year and improving beverage freshness, quality and consistency.




Eliminates hand-mixing, allowing that time to be reallocated to other tasks


Saves dollars by eliminating the need for Bag-in-the Box products


Improves consistency and quality, eliminating any variation of the product

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