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Justin and Kristin Gilbert opened Gelato Gilberto, a gelato shop near Louisville, Kentucky, in 2006. They use local dairy, fresh ingredients, Italian equipment and an artisanal technique to create their Italian ice cream from scratch. The Gilberts previously lived in Italy where Justin attended Carpigiani’s Gelato University and they sourced recipes from more than 20 gelato shops. They bring this experience, knowledge and passion to their operation.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in spring 2020, Gelato Gilberto had to adapt. Normally, the shop seats 12 for in-store dining, but with the restrictions that were in place, this was reduced drastically. They decided to remove all indoor dining but keep the shop open. This decision means they needed a way to keep staff and guests safe while serving gelato.

Above and Beyond

“The AyrKing team went above and beyond to help us get the Lockaire window installed as solution during COVID-19. Not only does it allow us to serve our customers quickly, but we can safely interact with them through the window. Little kids even think it’s magic when the gelato appears!”


Lockaire Contactless Drive-Thru Window

The Gilberts installed an AyrKing Lockaire drive-thru window as a walk-up serving solution. Kristin Gilbert has an unusual connection to AyrKing’s Lockaire window: she is the daughter of the late AyrKing founder, Don King. Kristin can even remember her father designing the window in their basement drafting studio when she was a child. Her lightning bug catcher even served as inspiration for the mechanism for the extendable tray.

With its airtight divider and see-through glass, the Lockaire window was an ideal contactless option for Gelato Gilberto. They were able to easily replace one of the three glass panels at the front of their store with the Lockaire window, and the installation of the unit took just one day. In addition to the solid construction, the window is easy to sterilize between uses and requires very little training for staff.

Using the Lockaire window, Gelato Gilberto prioritizes safety for its team and customers. Recent reviews of the shop mention the window specifically as an indicator that they are taking responsible safety precautions. The Gilberts are proud to have a way to make everyone feel safe and feel the Lockaire window has had a significant positive impact on their business.




Contactless delivery of gelato and easy handling of payment


Option for safely interacting with customers during pandemic


Durable unit, built for the rigors of high-volume foodservice operations

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