Pizza Ranch Case Study - Restaurant Labor Savings


Since 1981, Pizza Ranch has been expanding its legendary menu.

Today, customers enjoy pizza, salad and “The Country’s Best Chicken” — with the chain offering dine-in, carry out and delivery options for guests.


As part of Pizza Ranch’s in-house chicken preparation, stores were traditionally hand sifting, which led to significant breading waste.

Working with AyrKing

“AyrKing has been awesome to work with. Our operators absolutely love it — the machines are very easy to use and clean — and we have approved the use of the sifting table for all of our restaurants and will be making this a mandatory piece of equipment in all new construction restaurants. AyrKing has been very generous throughout the testing process and I would highly recommend partnering with them.”


Intrigued by the potential for savings, Pizza Ranch began testing AyrKing’s sifting table in one location — and, as a result, reduced breading waste by more than 40%, saving money and ingredients with every batch. The chain also reduced frying oil usage due to less excess breading in the fryer.

Pizza Ranch is currently retrofitting AyrKing’s sifting table into existing locations, with all new restaurants featuring the equipment going forward. The chain has also included AyrKing’s coating basket as part of its standard operating procedure.




Sifting table accelerated breading process by 15% while decreasing sifting time by more than 30%


ROI of roughly 18 months, based on current inventory data


Allows employees to prepare a higher quality cooked product with a more consistent breading coat

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