Case Study: Popeyes BBS Brush

Optimizing Popeyes Efficiency: BBS Brush Case Study

AyrKing partnered with Popeyes to conduct a brush flour efficiency test to assess the impact of implementing new BBS brushes alongside proper operational procedures on flour efficiency. This study aimed to showcase potential enhancements in Flour Zone (FZ) profitability and customer satisfaction through reduced flour and breading usage.


The study compared pre- and post-implementation data regarding flour and breading usage per store, alongside an examination of any changes in Product Satisfaction (PSAT) scores. Pre-implementation data was collected in February, while post-implementation data was gathered in March following the brush replacement. The test was carried out across 17 Popeyes stores nationwide.


  1. Flour and breading usage
    • In February, the average daily flour usage was 1.31 bags, with 0.56 bags of breading.
    • After the brush replacement in March, the average daily flour usage decreased to 1.29 bags, with 0.52 bags of breading.
    • This reduction in usage translated to significant cost savings: $0.40 per day for flour and $1.48 per day for breading, totaling $686.20 annually.
  1. Impact of increased traffic and sales
    • Despite experiencing higher average daily traffic and sales in March compared to February, there was a decrease in flour and breading usage.
    • Average daily traffic increased from 278 in February to 288 in March, while average daily sales rose from $4,518 to $4,660.
    • The observed reduction in flour and breading usage despite increased traffic and sales suggests the potential for even greater savings than initially estimated.
  1. Changes in PSAT and customer perceptions
    In February, the PSAT was recorded at 29.7%, which significantly improved to 36.7% in March. This notable increase indicates enhanced customer satisfaction following the implementation of a new BBS brush. Specific aspects of customer perceptions also showed improvements:

    • Taste ratings increased from 32.5% in February to 35.4% in March.
    • Appearance ratings improved from 31.3% in February to 35.5% in March.
    • Value perception rose from 15.9% in February to 21.6% in March.
    • Quality perception saw a significant increase, from 22.2% in February to 32.3% in March.
    • Portion size satisfaction increased from 23.1% in February to 32.6% in March.
    • Repurchase intention surged from 14.4% in February to 25.8% in March.
    • Ratings for packaging improved from 28.7% in February to 33.5% in March.
    • Accuracy perception experienced a substantial increase, from 27.2% in February to 37.4% in March.

Necessity of replacing BBS brushes

Regular maintenance of kitchen equipment is essential for optimal performance and longevity. In the case of the Breader Blender Sifter (BBS), one of the most critical components for maintaining efficiency is the sifter brush.

Over time, constant use can lead to wear and tear, causing the bristles to soften or bend. This deterioration reduces the brush’s efficiency in pushing flour through the screen, ultimately increasing ingredient costs.

To ensure continued operational excellence and cost savings, operators should routinely inspect and replace sifter brushes at least once a year, or more frequently if the establishment processes a higher volume of breading. Selecting the appropriate type of sifter brush based on menu requirements is also crucial for optimizing performance.


The brush flour efficiency test conducted in collaboration with Popeyes yielded significant findings regarding flour usage reduction, cost savings, and improvements in product satisfaction and customer perceptions.

The implementation of a new brush for the BBS, coupled with proper operational execution, resulted in tangible benefits for Popeyes locations, including increased profitability, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency. Moreover, the observed improvements in PSAT scores and customer perceptions highlight the positive impact of the test on overall customer experience and loyalty.

By prioritizing equipment maintenance, including the regular cleaning and replacement of BBS brushes, it’s clear Popeyes franchisees can sustain these benefits and continue to thrive in a competitive market landscape.

Learn more about replacement brushes for your BBS.


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