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Food Preparation Equipment

Breading Stations

For operators who freshly bread protein, veggies and other sides, AyrKing’s Breading Station equipment helps streamline the food preparation process, saving time, reducing labor costs, extending ingredient life, and producing more consistent product.

Commercial Marinators

Whether adding a touch of flavor before additional processing, or creating a deep, strong flavor, AyrKing’s commercial marinators can make it easier to produce perfectly flavored proteins for both high-volume and specialty operations.

Mixers and Blenders

Standard commercial blenders aren’t the right food preparation equipment for all applications. Discover how the specially designed features of AyrKing’s robust commercial mixers and blenders can help in your food prep process.

Breading Equipment

For operators who understand the value of freshly breaded proteins and sides but are struggling with labor-intensive hand breading, AyrKing’s automated breading equipment can be an ideal solution.

Commercial Work Tables and Stations

Whether you’re looking for work carts and tables to withstand rugged commercial kitchen use or for food prep stations for specific applications, AyrKing’s growing line of work tables and stations is designed to fit your needs.

Cold Protein Storage

Having the right food preparation equipment to keep foods at proper temperatures during the food prep process is critical to food safety. AyrKing’s ice baths, ice bath carts, and protein rails are designed to seamlessly integrate into your food prep process.

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