AyrKing expands Ice Bath Cart line to support diverse operations

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – June 2, 2021 – The food prep specialists from AyrKing are making chilled food and beverage holding and transporting easier and more durable with an expanded line of Ice Bath Carts.

Mounted on smooth-rolling casters, Ice Bath Carts allow operators to maximize kitchen space or to safely serve chilled foods when catering or in outdoor areas.

The recently expanded line offers versatile and customizable configurations to accommodate various pan sizes and quantities. Ice Bath Carts are available in heights that mirror regular work surfaces or that fit under standard worktables, keeping the cart and its contents out of the way when not in immediate use.

“Ice Bath Carts are an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean solution for keeping food at safe temperatures for extended periods,” said Jim Bell, CFSP, president of AyrKing. “Whether you’re using them for prepping proteins for cooking or rolling them outside for serving beverages, these carts are designed with the user’s convenience and the operator’s wallet in mind.”

Unlike expensive and high-maintenance refrigerated units, AyrKing’s Ice Bath Carts do not include fans that can clog with flour pulled from the air and contain no moving parts that would require service, making them an ideal solution for operations that freshly bread fried foods.

Ice Bath Carts are made with a double wall of commercial-grade stainless steel and long-lasting insulation for reliable performance. Easily monitor for food safety with an incorporated thermometer and empty melted ice through a heavy-duty bottom drain valve.

For more information on Ice Bath Carts from AyrKing, visit https://www.ayrking.com/food-prep-equipment/ice-bath-carts/.

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