AyrKing helps address the kitchen’s shrinking footprint by launching the BBS Mini

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – March 3, 2021 – The food prep specialists from AyrKing have announced the launch of the BBS Mini, purposefully designed for operations needing on-site breading and sifting but experiencing unique space constraints.

The BBS Mini provides operators with all the features of AyrKing’s regular BBS models but with equipment that fits into a smaller footprint — as small as 15” deep and 35” wide — and helps ensure consistent quality and flavor while saving time, labor and ingredient costs.

“We understand how the foodservice industry is changing with limited kitchen space available,” said Jim Bell, CFSP, president of AyrKing. “The BBS Mini is a direct response to this evolution, perfect for narrow c-store or food truck aisles and for fitting in spaces between prep tables and fryers.”

In addition to a smaller footprint, the BBS Mini offers built-in portability, allowing the unit to be moved wherever fits best into workflows and out of the way when not in use. AyrKing also offers a range of accessories and configurations for the BBS Mini, including ice baths, funnel or breading lug, a back panel and protein rails.

For more information on the BBS Mini, visit https://www.ayrking.com/food-prep-equipment/breading-stations/bbs-mini/.

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