How to maximize the life of your sifter brush — and your BBS

Want to extend the life of your equipment and keep it running at its best? Regular maintenance is the way to go. Routine maintenance helps you increase efficiency and catch small problems before they become complete breakdowns. And when it comes to your Breader Blender Sifter (BBS), the most critical element is your sifter brush.

How sifter brushes work

The durable nylon material of the BBS brushes gives them the stiffness they need to loosen dry flour while still staying pliable enough to bend around cohesive dough balls. We’ve found nylon to be the best material for maintaining food safety.

The brushes spin quickly, pushing flour through a screen to break up dried clumps of breading. The process reclaims usable flour, separating wet dough balls to avoid ingredient waste.

Cleaning sifter brushes

Because they come into direct contact with food ingredients, sifter brushes need regular cleaning to meet health department regulations and protect the health and safety of your guests. Check your local guidelines to ensure your cleaning schedule matches the requirements for your area.

Be sure to wash the screen, brush cover and brush to avoid food contamination. To avoid bending the bristles, never lay the sifter brush flat, and use a B219 brush post or B219H brush hanger when the brushes are not in use.

Here’s a quick overview of how to clean your BBS. (Refer to your operations manual for more detailed instructions.)

  1. Disconnect power supply.
  2. Remove top and bottom lugs, lug plug, brush cover, brush, sifter screen, dough ball chute and dough ball pan — then take items to the sink.
  3. Using a towel soaked in a detergent/water solution, clean the table and sifter enclosure, then wipe off with a water-soaked towel. Finish with a sanitizing solution. Rinse, allow to air dry, and then return to the BBS.
  4. In the sink, spray all removed items with hose to dislodge any breading, then soak components in a detergent/water solution.
  5. Clean the sifter brush with a round brush to remove any soil, then rinse with a detergent/water solution and soak in a sanitizing solution for five minutes.
  6. After soaking, shake off any excess water and place the brush on a the B219 brush post or B219H brush hanger. Allow the brush to thoroughly air dry before reinstalling.

Replacing sifter brushes

Similar to a toothbrush, the bristles on your BBS brush will eventually soften or bend with use. Over time, their contact with the screen will decrease, limiting their ability to push flour through. As the brush becomes less efficient, the amount of flour it will be able to save will continue to decrease.

There are many things you can do to keep your BBS performing at its best:

  1. Have your operators check your BBS’ brushes at every cleaning to evaluate their conditions.
  2. Replace the brushes at least once a year. If your establishment processes a higher-than-average volume of breading, you may need to replace them more frequently.
  3. PRO TIP: Keep multiple brushes on hand so your operators will always have a clean, fresh brush ready to use when needed.

BBS brush options

Sifter brushes aren’t all the same. Which one is best for you depends on what your operation has on the menu.

White brushes are harder and thicker and are best for thick, gooey batter. Red brushes are the same as our white brushes but are made for the European market. Black brushes are soft with medium thickness and are ideal for plain water or dry coating. The length of the brush will depend on the specifications required for your particular BBS model.

Protect your investment

When it’s running properly, your BBS cuts hand-sifting time up to 80% and reduces ingredient costs up to 40%. Cleaning and replacing your sifter brush when needed will help keep your BBS working at peak efficiency for many years to come.

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