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Why do fast food brands choose AyrKing?

AyrKing’s food prep specialists have engineered a wide range of scalable solutions to fit any back-of-house workflow. No matter what’s on the menu — from classics like fried chicken and seafood to new customer favorites like fried pickles — AyrKing’s product lineup is designed to reduce labor while simplifying and automating key processes.

Maximize Food Prep Area Efficiency

Full Kitchen

From marinating to batter mixing, to breading, sifting and more, AyrKing equipment helps make your food prep processes more efficient.

Featured Products: BBS, Ice Baths, Protein Rails, Dip Baskets, DrumRoll, Work Table, Mixstir, and Double-Door Marinator

Breading Wall

AyrKing’s BBS sifting tables provide intentionally-designed workspaces to accommodate Ice Baths, Protein Rails, a DrumRoll automated breader and more – allowing you to fully optimize available kitchen space.

Featured Products: BBS, Ice Baths, Protein Rails, Dip Baskets, and DrumRoll

Food Prep Area

AyrKing’s Work Table provides a stable work surface for the 8-gallon Mixstir, while the Double-Door Marinator nests conveniently under the table when not in use.

Featured Products: Work Table, Mixstir, Double-Door Marinator

Heat Lamp Shelves

AyrKing’s stainless steel landing baskets work seamlessly with a hospitality tray so that after chicken has been removed from the open fryer, it can be placed on the basket to drain the oil before holding or serving.

Featured Products: Stainless Steel Landing Basket

Helping Our Fast Food Partners Succeed

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