B240 Caster replacement

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 Minutes
Before conducting maintenance, power unit off and disconnect from power source.

Tools Required

Crescent wrench

Replacement Parts Needed


Watch the entire process by clicking the video to the right, or continue scrolling for step-by-step instructions.


1. Power off and unplug the unit.

2. Remove any side shelves or back paneling.

3. Place unit on its side.

4. Unscrew the damaged caster by twisting counterclockwise.

Use a crescent wrench to loosen the caster, if needed.

5. Remove the damaged caster and replace with a new caster.

6. Tighten the nut on the new caster until the bushing fits firmly into the leg.

7. Put pressure on one side of the leg, twisting clockwise to tighten the caster.

8. When the caster is installed snugly, turn the unit upright and roll it to test that all casters are functioning properly.

9. Plug unit back in.

Additional Video

Here you’ll find the caster replacement process being completed on a work table. This process applies to all AyrKing products with casters.


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