B530 Loose timer board on Mixstir

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 Minutes
Before conducting maintenance, power Mixstir off and disconnect from power source.

Tools Required

Phillips-head screwdriver
Needle-nose pliers

Replacement Parts Needed


Watch the entire process by clicking the video to the right, or continue scrolling for step-by-step instructions.


1. Power Mixstir off and disconnect from power source.

If Mixstir has never been opened, slit the silicone seal around the base with a knife or other sharp blade, cutting away from body to avoid blade-related injuries.

2. Unscrew all 8 screws around the top edge of the housing.

3. Lift up the top plate to expose the internal electronics and timer board.

Gently place the top plate off to the side, avoiding stress to the electrical wiring.

4. Check the 4 bolts on the corners of the timer board.

Ensure that all nuts are tightened with a thin nylon washer between the nut and the timer board, and a thick nylon spacer between the timer board and the housing.

If needed, visit the Parts Portal for replacement B532 Nylon Spacers.

5. Tighten bolts, using your fingers or needle-nose pliers to rotate the nut clockwise around the bolt.

6. Plug Mixstir back in, testing that that unit performs as expected.

7. Apply a silicone bead around the outside perimeter of the base.

Replace the top plate and screw all 8 screws back into position.

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