Breader Blender Sifter

The BBS reduces the time it takes to sift 30 lbs. of breading by completing the entire blending and sifting cycle in just 50 seconds versus the typical 4-8 minutes, for hand-sifting.

With the Breader Blender Sifter (BBS) from AyrKing, you get greater efficiency, increased ROI and superior flavor consistency compared with traditional methods.

By regularly and automatically sifting the breading mixture, spices and seasonings are evenly mixed throughout the breading, providing better consistency of flavor. This regular sifting also extends the life of breading supplies, significantly reducing costs associated with wasted product.

The BBS’ intuitive design features front-accessible components, making servicing and cleaning quick and easy. And with several configurations available, there’s a unit that’s perfect for any operation’s back-of-house floorplan.

Brush design evenly distributes spices throughout the breading mixture, versus hand sifting or agitation systems that can segregate ingredients

Direct drive motor creates no vibration, which can lead to stress on the motor and joints and cause maintenance issues

Simple construction, including just 3 to 4 removable parts, makes the unit easy to clean in a standard kitchen sink

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