Drumroll Automated Breader

One leading fried chicken chain reported 25% a faster breading process with the DrumRoll compared to hand-breading.

With the DrumRoll Automated Breader from AyrKing, operators can maximize valuable ingredients, increase batch efficiency, reduce the need for skilled labor and eliminate inconsistencies. While hand-breading can leave excess breading on product and shorten the life of cooking oil as it burns away, the DrumRoll is designed to not overcoat the product — reducing “blow-off” in the fryer and extending the life of your oil and your breading.

Now operators can streamline the entire breading process with DrumRoll — making employees cross-functional, limiting variability from employee to employee and ultimately increasing yield.

Configurable as a stand-alone piece of equipment or as an addition to AyrKing’s BBS machine, without increasing the necessary footprint

Helix-shaped interior components gently tumble the product for an even, consistent coating

Breaded product in the DrumRoll unit is not overcoated with breading mixture, resulting in less “blow-off” in the fryer to burn up oil


DrumRoll Animation

See the DrumRoll in action and discover the benefits for your operation.

Calculate Your Savings

My frying oil costs me $ per and I use lbs per

My breading* costs me $ per and I use bags per

*include all separate ingredient costs

Your Savings!

**Typical Single Store Savings
5 Stores
10 Stores
20 Stores
**Formula assumes DrumRoll is being used together with AyrKing's BBS product.