Tumble Marinator

The Tumble Marinator allows the operator to marinate on demand — eliminating the fear of running out of pre-marinated product.

The Tumble Marinator’s timed operation takes the guesswork out of the marinating process — allowing for on-demand production, avoiding waste and saving space inside the cooler. AyrKing’s innovative design allows operators to provide a freshly marinated product to customers without the fear of running out of product. It reduces the time needed to marinate proteins, taking the typical process from hours to just minutes, while its vacuum option eliminates the need for multi-hour marinating by removing the air from the chamber, opening up the fibers of the product and allowing quick and deep penetration by the marinade.

With the Tumble Marinator, there’s no more need to cut corners when there isn’t enough time to marinate for several hours. This is on-demand marinating at its best.

Vacuum option significantly reduces the time needed to marinate proteins by removing the air from the chamber

A slip clutch feature stops the machine if touched/snagged on something, including employee clothing, ensuring safe operation

Flat edge of the barrel tenderizes meat as it tumbles the product

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